Stay Organized with Altered Art!

I am back after an extended break from blogging, just got done with midterms, and in order to celebrate I embarked on another altered art / recycling project!

With the end of the semester near and my little planner filled with tiny sqiggles sooner than it should have, witness to the fact that Graduate students have a togh life =), I felt it was time to make a new one. One that was specially suited to the way I took notes, made lists, doodled and wrote down really important informtion all in the same place!

An Arty Organizer

An Arty Organizer

Well…I knew what I wanted, the only catch was I did not want to go out and buy a lot of themed stuff to make the organizer. Infact I wanted to stick to stuff I had around the house. I had ribbons, wire, some beads, bits of colred seashell, the packing form my bookshelf, some patterned paper, old magazines, glue….and a college organizer for next year.

The Supplies

The Supplies

So I gathered my treasues and went to work. You have already seem what I ended up with. I started by using the cardboard from my huge “book shelf box” as a base for my organizer, I then proceeded to cover it with patterned paper images from magazines, and some seashells. Wrapping wire and beads arounf the spine gave it a really funky look. I am not quite done yet. I think I need to add some fibers and shiny things to the cover, am also considering adding a few of my favorite quotations and some…butterflies. Will upload new pictures when I am all done!

The inside story!

The inside story!

The inside looks pretty bland at the moment, but don’t worry I will get to that in time…Just wanted to show you the layout. I love making lists of things to do over the weekend, websites to check out, songs to listen to, books to read, movies to see…you get the picture, right?. =) The only problem is that when I do all this in my planner I end up with a mess. So on the left side I have some sheets of plain paper for those crazy lists and doodling and on the right I have the “disguised” planner. This is still a project underconstruction…will share more as and when I get it done! Till then try looking around for things you can alter to lead a happier and more organized life!

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2 thoughts on “Stay Organized with Altered Art!

  1. Gayle

    This is gorgeous. I just picked up a new art journal today and was wondering how I was going to artsy it up. I love the wire and beads around the spine.


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