The cute little cuttlebug!



I have owned and operated the Sizzix Big Kick and have already written a blog about it. I found the Big Kick to be an incredible deal when I used a 40% off coupon to buy it. It is a sturdy machine and the cuts are clean and quick. I have also tried the embossing kit that comes with the Sizzix Big Kick and found it to be quite satisfactory. In short I had a good experience with my Sizzix Die-Cutting Machine.

Now though it is time for a change and I am contemplating buying the Cuttlebug by Provo Craft. Why? Because I LOVE it’s embossing folders. I have never before seen such incredible dry embossing…wow really cool! But you might ask why buy the cuttlebug when I can use it’s embossing folders in the Sizzix Big Kick? Well, another thing I love about this machine is

The Pink and Black Big Shot

The Pink and Black Big Shot

 the fact that it is so compact. While the Big Kick and Big Shot are pretty large, this little bug has folding platforms making it much easier to take to crops and later store.

So I am going to try the Cuttlebug…I hear there are some problems with one of the cutting mats, they keep breaking and there is also some speculation as to whether it is compatible with the Sizzix Bigz dies. Seems like the only way to actually  find out whether the cuttlebug will accept the Bigz dies is to try it out!

Big Kick

Big Kick

So many people are agonizing over the question of which machine to buy, but now seems like it doesn’t really matter. Most of the leading brands like the Provo Craft CuttleBug, Big Shot or the Sizzix Big Kick all accept dies from each other and so the only decision to make really is which one looks the best and how much storage space you have…

If anyone out there has had a good or bad experience with any die-cutting machine or has found some incredible new material that these machines can cut, share your experiences!

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One thought on “The cute little cuttlebug!

  1. carolina

    able to ship the machine to Malaysia??


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