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Christina Katerina and the Box or how my crafting adventures began…

I have always loved to read books. Escaping into the world they offered was a great comfort to me. I have always loved to imagine myself in different worlds, surrounded by like minded friends and in different situations.

I was about 6 when I first read Christina Katerina and the Box. I never knew that book would have such a deep impact on me or that it would start a life full of adventures…of the crafty kind 🙂

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Stay Organized with Altered Art!

I am back after an extended break from blogging, just got done with midterms, and in order to celebrate I embarked on another altered art / recycling project!

With the end of the semester near and my little planner filled with tiny sqiggles sooner than it should have, witness to the fact that Graduate students have a togh life =), I felt it was time to make a new one. One that was specially suited to the way I took notes, made lists, doodled and wrote down really important informtion all in the same place!

An Arty Organizer

An Arty Organizer

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Woven Wonders!

From strat to finish...

I love bright colored fabric with different patterns and textures and I have a bag full of small pieces that I can’t bear to throw away. It was one of those days when I had taken it upon myself to clean out my craft cupboard and I came across a big bag full of fabric scraps. I knew something had to be done about them, they could not keep lying about and so this is what I came up with…


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Thumb Pals

I have two adorable and very creative little nephews and have quite a time coming up with new things to do with them. Here is one project that got them really excited. These “Thumb Pals” as we call them are great when made with colored ink! So try this with the kids in your life and earn some “cool” points!

The different style of prints!

The different style of prints!What we made!

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It used to be a Shoebox Lid!

You must have gathered by now that I hate throwing things away. Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by boxes and bottles, plastic, glass or cardboard and my room used to be full of the ones I used to rescue from around the house. Some of them became storage containers while others were turned into little houses. Recently while playing with a damaged shoebox (yes I am still obsessed with them!)I came to the conclusion that it would have to be thrown away =(…but what to do with the lid? That is when inspiration struck and I came up with this project. Hope you have fun making this…


Shoebox Lid Frame.

A frame for that special picture!


I used bold colors and my favorite ribbons

I used bold colors and my favorite ribbons

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The Magical Die-cutting Machine

I really think that the new generation of die-cutting machines are magical. Easy to use, portable and with a wide selection of dies, no crafter could ask for better.

These machines are also great because of the different materials that they are able to cut. My favorites being aluminum foil and felt. So much can be done with these machines that it would be hopeless to attempt to list all the possibilities. The purpose of this blog is just to list a few of the things that I was able to do with my die-cutting machine in order to get your creative juices flowing!

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