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The Smash Books craze and how to start a smashing upcycling adventure! Part 2

So finally all my pictures have been printed. I had made a folder for all the pictures I wanted printed for the year 2011 and was astounded to see that I had over 120 pictures that HAD to be included in my Smash folio. This is after I went through the folder again and again and deleted anything extra. Geez! Talk about a busy year! 🙂

2011 has been a year of decisions, mixed feeling and health, ups and downs and some major happenings. I am really looking forward to going over the year through this craft project and to enter the new year, hopefully wiser for all my experiences.

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Stay Organized with Altered Art!

I am back after an extended break from blogging, just got done with midterms, and in order to celebrate I embarked on another altered art / recycling project!

With the end of the semester near and my little planner filled with tiny sqiggles sooner than it should have, witness to the fact that Graduate students have a togh life =), I felt it was time to make a new one. One that was specially suited to the way I took notes, made lists, doodled and wrote down really important informtion all in the same place!

An Arty Organizer

An Arty Organizer

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