Trash to Treasure

I love to “make things” and mostly my projects revolve around recycling or else taking a dollar store find and turning it into something very unusual and arty! That is why I love altered art…you take any item and alter it…that could mean jazzing it up to look more presentable or else turning it into something totally new. Like a puppet out of a plastic bottle…frames out of shoebox lids…scrapbooks out of old novels. Something about giving these old or plain items a new lease on life really appeals to me. In this blog I will share my “altered art” projects and also write reviews on some products from leading brands in the craft industry.

For me science and art kind of go hand in hand. Both interests enable me to make something useful. I love beautifying my science projects! So from time to time we will look at a few science projects that focus on recycling stuff from around the house that would otherwise be trash.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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One thought on “Trash to Treasure

  1. Jenny Arntz

    Your blog is very inspiring.

    Have a lovely day!


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