Beyond Paper Dolls…

One of our weekend rituals is to go to bookstores and this time ’round I found a really cool book called “Beyond Paper Dolls”. It is a collection of dolls made by different artists and they have truly taken the dolls beyond paper! These creations are full of character and are pieces of art genius. So the next time you are at your local bookstore do have a look at this great book.

Spring Time Fairy

Spring Time Fairy

The book inspired me to do a little doll making of my own. I have made flat paper dolls before but this time I gathered some wire and scrunched up paper and went 3D. I like the way the doll turned out, but she still needs a lot of jazzing up. I really want to add some wings made from wire and beads with words thrown in, like dream, wish, imagine…

I might add some more detail to the dress as well, using some found items and some metallic finish paint. I will also add a wide sash around her waist and sprinkle on some “fairy dust” once all the painting and gluing is done.

Let me know if you have some ideas on what I should add to my “Spring-time fairy”!

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