How to plan the perfect craft staycation

I have spent all day working on the perfect schedule for my craft staycation. As mentioned in my previous blog post, the first step is to actually make a list of all the projects that you wish to make during your staycation and to estimate the amount of time they will take. I am extremely fond of all sort of papercraft. From scrapbooking and altered art to mixed media and mini books. This is why my craft

staycation mostly focuses on projects involving paper.

So first I made a list of all the projects I wanted to make and here it is:

1. Inchies and ATCs

2. Paper Shoes (Lovely little mixed media pieces)

3. A mini book using CDs

4. Cards for all occasions

5. Recipe scrapbooking layouts

6. Dictionary pages in Mixed Media pieces

7. Altered Jars

8. Paper Beads

Since my craft staycation is going to be two days long I think these projects will be quite enough to keep me occupied. Next up I estimated the amount of time each of these projects will take. I also inserted small breaks in the middle so that I could rest and do something a little different during that time. For me the something different is finishing Season 3 of a series called Being Erica in the two days of my staycation. I think it is a great idea to have one other activity that you pursue, could be watching TV or reading a book or anything else your heart desires. It helps to take a break even from crafting since too much of a good thing at one time can also get boring.








After I had figured out how much time each activity would take I went ahead and split them up into two days. I start my days at 11:00am (I love getting up late during the holidays) and end them at around 12:00am. Once a rough schedule was made I went ahead and used word to create a template for my staycation. I am sharing the word file with you here so that you can download it and customize it for your own staycation.

Craft Staycation Program

Do let me know if it was of any help. Infact I would love to see your versions of the program so that we can all share ideas for potential craft retreats.

Join me tomorrow as I embark upon a journey to find the perfect music for creating and also making lists of all the materials and tools that will be needed to make all the lovely projects I have in mind.

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