My Craft Staycation!

I have a few holidays coming up and since life at work and home has been so busy lately I have decided to plan a craft staycation for myself! This idea struck me as I was wistfully going over all the different craft retreats and cruises available to crafters these days. Unfortunately time constraints do not allow me to travel and currently no such activities are scheduled in my city. So if I cannot go to a craft retreat I have vowed that it shall come to me 🙂

Over the next 5 days I will lay out a plan for the most awesome craft staycation ever! Read on if you too are wanting some crafting and me time to get away from the hectic routine of everyday life…

Embellishment made using Sizzix Dies

Embellishment made using Sizzix Dies

All that is needed for a craft staycation is some good project ideas, a lot of organization and a couple of days where one does nothing but enjoys hour after hour of crafting.

The fun of going to retreats and taking classes is that everything is already organized for you. You don’t have to figure out what to do and where to find the supplies. Everything is neatly arranged and presented to you in a bag. Everything you need to finish a project is in there and you don’t waste any time or get frustrated trying to figure out what goes with what. Everything is nicely color coordinated and you just sit at a table and create. Also you know what projects you are going to make. Cards, scrapbook layouts, an altered book etc…

So the first thing I need to decide as I embark upon this staycation planning assignment is figuring out how much time I have and how many projects I will be able to make. Then I will fill in the time slots with the projects I want to do. Next I will purchase supplies and assemble little kits so that I don’t spend hours trying to figure out what sticker to use with which project. Then I will make a list of all the other things I might need, tools and snacks included :). I also want to make my staycation a little different and varied so I will add some crafting videos that I want to see on YouTube as well as some other chick flicks that might be good to watch while taking a break. I intend for these two days to be utterly awesome.

So here is a recap of what I have to do:

1. Make a schedule and figure out how many days/hours I will have for my staycation.

2. Divide the time into varied time-slots with breaks in the middle for films and snacks.

3. Make a list of the projects I want to do.

4. Make little kits for all the projects so that I can ensure frustration is not one of the features of my relaxing staycation 🙂

5. Fill in the schedule with the projects.

6. Make a list of snacks/movies and crafting tools that might be needed.

7. Make a YouTube playlist of craft videos that sound exciting, teaching new techniques or projects.

8. Make a song playlist for while I am crafting 🙂

9. Print out my staycation program.

10. Assemble all kits/tools/snacks/movies and start crafting and creating 🙂

Join me tomorrow as I start working on my schedule and share a staycation program template with you. You can download and print that to plan a crafting staycation of your own! Till then have an artsy day!

Altered Steampunk Books 8

Altered Steampunk Books 8

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