My Upcycled Scrapbox Desk :)

I love the scrapbox products. I have always been fascinated with doing a lot with little spaces. That is one of the reasons I love the Ikea stores. Can’t get over the fact that they can fit so much in so little space. It’s like they plan entire homes in the space I would normally think a single room with require.

I am sorry for being MIA recently but a lot has been happening. I got married for one šŸ™‚ and very ill as well :(. It took me quite a while

to get over my illness and through I spent a lot of time thinking about crafting, I couldn’t really do any at all.

So I got married and my husband and I did up our house. One of the things I insisted on was a library/craft room for myself. My safe haven and happy place šŸ™‚

So I got it and spent a lot of time doing research about the best way to utilize the space I had. I have a lot of books so those needed to go in. I needed some comfortable sitting space as well as a desk to do some of my work and research. I also needed a lot of storage space for all my supplies. Stamps, inks, paints, papers, cutters, magazines etc. And most important of all I needed a large work table. I wanted the table to be unusual and derived some inspiration from the scrapbox desk. Here is what I came up with:

I LOVE it. The colors coordinate with the rest of the room and I love the glass top. It allows me to use my shard cutters and glue etc without having to worry about damage. I also love that this table belonged to my husband’s grandfather and I had it modified true to my upcycling style. I love infusing old things with new life šŸ™‚

The rest of the room came together really well too. I will share pictures and details in the next blog post so stay tuned. Once again I am very very sorry for the dissapearance. I am back for a while now so we can look forward to some fun crafting adventures.

Oh and before I forget, while I was restricted to the bed and really ill, I managed to work some on my website šŸ™‚ Do go on over to and signup for the FREE e-book. Not only will you get that book but also a guide to making smash books of your own as well as a video series that will teach upcycled card making. So sign up now if you haven’t already. I promise not to send unwanted emails. Just fun and free crafty stuff.

I hope you all had a crafty last couple of months. Do write and let me know what you have been up to!

Have an artsy day!


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