The NEW Smash Books E-Book – Available on the Kindle

Finally I come back for another blog post. A lot has been going on in my life. Marriage, illness and work. I found some time to work on my craft projects and some books though and will have a lot for you over the summer.

For now I want to introduce my newest book! 🙂


The Ultimate Guide to Smash Books,Smashing and making your own Upcycled Smash Books!

The book is available for the Kindle and will be on iBooks, The Nook and Kobo Books soon.

Here is a little about the book!


So what exactly is a Smash Book?

Smash Books are pre-bound scrapbooks, but instead of plain pages, which can be hard and daunting to fill, they have patterned papers and different papers with sayings on them. The books are made from good quality card stock and can take a lot of memorabilia glued, taped or stapled to the pages.

The entire process of just adding pictures and memorabilia to the pages without bothering about the perfect layout is what is called ‘smashing.’ This makes these new smash books fun and easy to work with. The pages are beautifully coordinated and put together with an occasional ‘surprise’ page with a saying or picture that you would not expect. The books are coordinated with a lot of extras that you can buy as well, like pockets, stickers, and tabs.

We go over Smash Book basics as well as an Upcycled version of a Smash Book, how to make it using old mailers, magazine pages etc. and also finish it up with some upcycled embellishments using soda cans etc.

This is one book you don't want to miss if you like scrapbooking, smashing or altered books!

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