My Book 2009 Part 1

I love to scrapbook and make altered books and I have recently added ATCs to that list! So when I wanted to make a sort of a journal/scrapbook/altered book to record my life in 2009 I was a little confused about the format and material I would put in there.

I have been reading how many artists keep journals and books to try out different art/craft techniques, or how an altered book artist keeps one book just as a test canvas (sometimes that book itself turns out to be a piece of art!).



People make journals of their favorite quotes, or just keep a diary, sometimes that diary is one of sketches, other times words! Some people make scrapbooks, with pictures and journaling to record their memories.

I have already made some altered books/scrapbooks of holidays I took in South Korea and Italy but because those were hurried projects and I am by nature impatient I did not add much writing and though the pictures tell the tale, for my 2009 book I wanted something more dynamic and alive!

That is when I ran into this beautiful dictionary at a used book store. It literally cried out to be taken home. It was perfect, thick but with fine text and pages, giving me lots of room for the year. I brought it home and started tearing away!

This is my book for 2009. Where I will use the new techniques I learn to alter it making it a record of what I have seen and learnt, put pictures of all my adventures, note down any random thoughts and ideas that pop into my head and note down any interesting bits and pieces, like a good recipe, household tip, quote or even a beautiful poem!

I feel it that way it will truly reflect my year in every way and in later years bring back vivid and happy (I hope!) memories!

I am going to add a lot of blog entries about “My Book 2009” so stay tuned for different techniques, tips and tricks…maybe even some recipes and poetry. Who knows what the new year will bring =)!

2009 Detail

2009 Detail



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2 thoughts on “My Book 2009 Part 1

  1. I”m going to try the coke cans too. I needed to make something in metal for a challenge so I used metal tape, but using real metal will make an awesome card…you did a great job on yours!!!Blessings!!


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