Sentimental about School

The days we spend in high school are usually the best ones in our life, and once you have passed those golden years behind it really helps if you have something that takes you back to that time so that you can relive some of those memories. Even though time machines have not been built just yet we do have scrapbooks to preserve our memories and capture the flavor of days gone by.

The scrapbook that I am sharing with you today is one that I made of my high school days. Concerts, Fundraisers, tough exams, parties, science projects, school council elections and impromptu get-togethers are all captured in this book.

I have used a number of different techniques on these pages and I will describe some of them here. Try these out and let me know how your pages turned out.


One of my favorite techniques has to be crumpled paper or foil. Gluing them on plain card stock gives an instant textured background. you can either cover the whole page or some parts of a layout using this technique. Add some beads that have been stitched onto the page to give a really glamorous and finished look to your layout. Changing the color combination makes this technique look good on party or wedding pages.

Sometimes simplicity is the key to a good layout. When I have a lot of pictures that I want to use I go with a complementary background and very little embellishment. Here I just used some leaves to bring out the outdoor theme, some stickers to catch the mood and that is about it!

I love using a lot of stuff on my pages, kind of love filling them up and there are a few occasions where you have a lot of little things and it is hard to pick and choose. I love using collage techniques when working on pages like these and below are a couple of my attempts.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your next layouts!

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