Let’s Make Cards!


Here is a card project from my recently published book. Hope y’all enjoy it! Check out the book here.



We are going to be making some beautiful flowers and flower pots for our next card. The technique that we will use involves embossing paint chips and then using sand paper to rub the embossing to show the white

beneath the paint chip. This gives the embossed piece a bit of a distressed look and also makes the embossed image more prominent.


So the first step here to use is to punch out flowers from our paint chips. I used a scalloped edged punch to do this. Then I am going to run them through the Cuttlebug embossing folder of my choice. You can use any that you like.


After my designs have been embossed I am going to take some sand paper and go over the embossed image. This gives a very distressed look to the flower. I will keep going over the flower with the sandpaper until I am happy with the results.


Next up we will build the card base. We will use some recycled corrugated card that you can find in packing material and cut a flower pot shape out of that. Then, using the paint chips, cut out two strips that will serve as a border for the flower pot. You can refer to the pictures and accompanying video for more details.


You can also use heavier type of sand paper, that’s thicker and that will add a more distressed look. So, try and experiment with a few different kinds of sand paper thicknesses and then go with the ones which you like. I like going over the edges because it gives some dimension to the card.


Now we go for some glue. First of all I am going to sick down my corrugated card flowerpot in the center. Then add the border strips and then position the flowers. Play with the layout till you’re happy with the way they look. And then for some added fun, I am going to use some buttons and put those in the center of our flowers.


So there you have your card. If you want to stamp a message or you want to write something, go ahead! 






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2 thoughts on “Let’s Make Cards!

  1. That is so pretty . . . and CONGRATULATIONS on your book!!! How exciting! 🙂


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