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How to plan the perfect craft staycation

I have spent all day working on the perfect schedule for my craft staycation. As mentioned in my previous blog post, the first step is to actually make a list of all the projects that you wish to make during your staycation and to estimate the amount of time they will take. I am extremely fond of all sort of papercraft. From scrapbooking and altered art to mixed media and mini books. This is why my craft

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Metal ATCs for Trade – All Traded! =)

I am so excited about this new technique that I just can’t stop making crafty things…

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My Book! Crafty Cans and Perplexing Plastic! =)

I have been pretty busy this summer and this is what I have been upto!


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Paper Flowers!

Junk Mail ATCI love to recycle items and that’s why I am an altered art fanatic! I have started cutting up junk mail, painting it and turning it into flowers. These can be used to embellish ATCs, altered books, scrapbooks and even handmade cards. Not only are they fun to make but you’re also doing your bit to save the environment while having fun! Continue reading

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The cute little cuttlebug!



I have owned and operated the Sizzix Big Kick and have already written a blog about it. I found the Big Kick to be an incredible deal when I used a 40% off coupon to buy it. It is a sturdy machine and the cuts are clean and quick. I have also tried the embossing kit that comes with the Sizzix Big Kick and found it to be quite satisfactory. In short I had a good experience with my Sizzix Die-Cutting Machine.

Now though it is time for a change and I am contemplating buying the Cuttlebug by Provo Craft. Why? Because I LOVE it’s embossing folders. I have never before seen such incredible dry embossing…wow really cool! But you might ask why buy the cuttlebug when I can use it’s embossing folders in the Sizzix Big Kick? Well, another thing I love about this machine is

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Papercups to …Giftbags

At one point or another in our lives we have made use of the incredible art of paper-folding to make paper cups. They are relatively simple to make and will help out when you need an instant cup but instead have only sheets of paper. I was playing around with my stash of paper pieces (if you’ve been reading my blog you know by now that I hate throwing things away…) and I started making paper cups out of them, suddenly they started looking more like baskets and less like cups…

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It used to be a Shoebox Lid!

You must have gathered by now that I hate throwing things away. Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by boxes and bottles, plastic, glass or cardboard and my room used to be full of the ones I used to rescue from around the house. Some of them became storage containers while others were turned into little houses. Recently while playing with a damaged shoebox (yes I am still obsessed with them!)I came to the conclusion that it would have to be thrown away =(…but what to do with the lid? That is when inspiration struck and I came up with this project. Hope you have fun making this…


Shoebox Lid Frame.

A frame for that special picture!


I used bold colors and my favorite ribbons

I used bold colors and my favorite ribbons

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The Magical Die-cutting Machine

I really think that the new generation of die-cutting machines are magical. Easy to use, portable and with a wide selection of dies, no crafter could ask for better.

These machines are also great because of the different materials that they are able to cut. My favorites being aluminum foil and felt. So much can be done with these machines that it would be hopeless to attempt to list all the possibilities. The purpose of this blog is just to list a few of the things that I was able to do with my die-cutting machine in order to get your creative juices flowing!

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