My Craft Room

So like I told y’all the past few months have been both good and bad. One of the good things that happened was that I finally got my own craft studio!

I shared one element of the studio a couple of days back. Here is the entire room and how it looks!

 The room serves as a craft studio, my library, research room and general get-away!

The colors are bright and happy and I have a place for everything, which is what matters. I have the upcycled scrapbox type work table which I love. I painted the inside of the drawers different colors and have all my stamps, tools, embellishments and paper in there.

Then I have shelves on one wall and they have been painted to match the drawers. The colors really do brighten up the room a lot. The shelves are used to display some projects and also to keep my cricut, more embellishments etc.

Then I have a desk, where I hope to sit and do some studying and research. I have long been meaning to work on a paper that is due and now that my room is ready I have no excuse!

The book shelves line one whole wall and are used to house my ever-growing stash of books. I have loads of magazines too and feel like they are the BEST source of inspiration. I usually take ideas from magazines and turn them into my own upcycled versions.

I have a comfy place to sit and read, complete with an afghan for chilly nights 🙂 I plan to add a lot more stuff on the walls. Mostly my own work so that is reflects my own art style. Will share more when I start working on those projects.

I have started to record videos of me working at long last and you can find me on YouTube under craftaddict1 and on fb under Altered Upcycling. You should also sign up for my FREE upcycling guide at Not only will you be getting a lot of my books and video classes for free but you will get to know about them before anybody else!

Back to the craft room. I have put up some decals of the skylines of New York and London. Have ordered one for Paris and then I’ll be all done.

Here are loads of pictures of my room. Let me know what you think!

Here are links to two videos about the room too!

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2 thoughts on “My Craft Room

  1. Wow . . . that is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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