Strathmore Online Artist Workshops and Internet Blessings – Part 1

A lot of my previous posts have been centered around the new year and the memories and moments associated with the old year (I have been working on my 2011 smash book and a new upcycled version of the smash book for the new year). I had some time to go over all the resolutions I had penned down for 2011 and even though I was not able to keep even half of them, I still felt that the year went well because I learnt a lot and did manage to find my way through to 2012 🙂

In my opinion resolutions are a way of keeping yourself on track but sometimes certain things that you feel you should do turn out to not be so very useful or totally  irrelevant depending on the course your life takes in that year. So even though my resolutions were very relevant in the beginning of 2011, I felt that as the year progressed either other things popped up that were more important or that some of my resolutions seemed to lose their sense :). This in no way saddened me or made me feel that I had not done enough in the past year.

Making my Smash book for 2011 really helped me to relive the year, celebrate the resolutions I was able to keep and also appreciate everything else that I did, as well as understand how and why some of my resolutions were left undone.

That does not mean however that I have given up the practice of writing down my resolutions. No way! 🙂 I love making lists and resolutions are a step above. I have made my resolutions for 2012 and there is one particular bullet point that has been carried forward from last year. One resolution that I did not follow through on and one that I wish I had more time to work on. That particular resolution comes to this years manifesto.

Speaking of manifestos… before we dive into the resolution I wanted to share a future project with y’all. I regularly maintain a list in my sketchbook and a folder on my laptop’s desktop that contains ideas for projects that I want to try. I stumbled across this awesome idea for a 2012 manifesto a couple of days back and cannot wait to give my upcycled twist to this crafty project. It has been inspired by the Holstee manifesto that can be found here. There are so many ways to do this. You could either make this manifesto in a design software like Adobe indesign or photoshop or you could sketch it out using different writing styles and fonts and add lots of little sketches and doodles or you could use words and letters cut out of decorative paper, magazines or even use stickers. I can’t wait to start on mine. When it’s done I’ll add it to my upcycled smash journal for 2012.

This was just a preview of projects to come. Back to the resolution. Read on in Part 2 coming soon…


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