My Steampunk Room – Part 2

Here it is, as promised, Part 2 of my steampunk room.



I love Altered Art and I love books and more than anything else in the world I like putting the two together. That is why most of my scrapbooks are made in old altered books. While I was redecorating my room I knew I had to have books on the wall and since the theme was steampunk, here is what I came up with…

Altered Steampunk Books 8

Altered Steampunk Books 8

I started out with old Yellow Pages and other directories that were destined for the trash can and used a lot of glue on the edges to fix them in the right positions. It is fairly easy to hold the books and apply glue to the pages and edges to make sure the books remain as shown above. White glue woks best, since it is strong and transparent.

Next up I painted the base and then had a ball with inks, stamps, old postcards, wire mesh, scrapbooking paper, medallions, clocks, roses, stickers and anything else remotely steampunk! 🙂

Below you can see all my creations and the way they look on the walls. It is lots of fun to try different folds with the paper. In a couple I folded the pages back to make the fan books shown below. To hang them up I took small pieces of wood and using small nails hammered them to the back of the book. This gave the books added strength and allowed me to hang them on the walls!

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