Some more Fabric ATCs

Antique Fabric ATCs
I made these fabric ATCs using some antique embroidered fabric. I absolutely love it! It si like an old patchwork quilt and no matter which way you cut it, something beautiful always makes it’s way onto your ATC. I sed very little embellishment on top as I did not want to spoil the look and feel of the original fabric!
(Fabric is available at I have some more pieces available so if it says sold out let me know!)

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6 thoughts on “Some more Fabric ATCs

  1. These are just beautiful! I want to try one so bad but feel i’m not doing good enough on my regular ATC’s yet. Your work is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. HUGS


  2. Sally

    How do you finish the edges?


    • alteredfantasy

      I usually do the collage on a thin piece of ATC sized card and glue all the fabric and lace edges at the back. I then add another piece of thin card or paper to make the back look finished. Sometimes I make big sheets of fabric collage and then it is just a matter of making sure that I apply glue all over the element I am sticking down and making sure that the glue is evenly spread and every thing is stuck down securely. After that I cut ATC sized pieces and just add some card backing. Hope this helps!


  3. Sally

    Thank you so much – that does help and your cards are beautiful!


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