Art Dolls

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

Gold Goddess

Gold Goddess

Who knew it would take me all of one week to get hooked onto ATCs and Art Dolls! Well I have  fallen in love with this craft, not only that, I am also enjoying connecting with other artists via different art groups. Another reason why these on line groups are so cool is that you get to trade ATCs and participate in swaps. This is pretty crucial as ATCs stand for Artist ‘Trading’ Cards =).  I have just mailed some 

Red and Gold

Red and Gold

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

ATCs and Art Dolls for a couple of swaps and wanted to share with you,in particular my first attempt at Art Dolls. These were made for a swap I participated in for one of the groups I ‘m part of. The theme was Christmas!

These dolls all fold up to fit inside a standard ATC sized sleeve which measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and can be embellished any which way! I love  to do collage and that is what ended up happening to these little ones but I also added some scarves to make them look festive and ready for a holiday party!

There are so many variations that can be experimented with! Stamping, collage, quilting, painting and any sort of mixed media. Their size makes them an ideal canvas to test new techniques, you never know when you might come up with a gem!

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One thought on “Art Dolls

  1. Mary Redford

    hello I been in to paper dolls for a while but i am always looking for doll parts I would love to ask you do you have a pattren you would like to share with me I would make you one off of it if you could share your pattren……Mary R.
    PS I also bead doll forms my friend mades the formas and i bead them and i make the clay faces…..Thanks!!


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