Papercups to …Giftbags

At one point or another in our lives we have made use of the incredible art of paper-folding to make paper cups. They are relatively simple to make and will help out when you need an instant cup but instead have only sheets of paper. I was playing around with my stash of paper pieces (if you’ve been reading my blog you know by now that I hate throwing things away…) and I started making paper cups out of them, suddenly they started looking more like baskets and less like cups…

And that is what I turned them into! Gift Baskets. I made use of all the little peices of paper that I had in my stash to embellish the cup which was made out of recycled wrapping paper. I even tried some with newspapers and they turned out great!

For unusual embellishments use your sizzix or cuttlebug to die cut shapes out of scraps and even emboss some foil to attatch to the front of your basket as a “medallion”.

My favorite part has to be the handles that are attached to the sides. Punch holes to thread ribbon or lace, or is you are feeling adventurous use wire and beads. The beads can be left overs from different projects or they can be color coordinated with your basket.


No matter what approach you choose to decorate your little    baskets they will make gorgeous gift bags…so go ahead…be crafty.

Instructions for making the "paper cup"!

Instructions for making the "paper cup"!

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