Woven Wonders!

From strat to finish...

I love bright colored fabric with different patterns and textures and I have a bag full of small pieces that I can’t bear to throw away. It was one of those days when I had taken it upon myself to clean out my craft cupboard and I came across a big bag full of fabric scraps. I knew something had to be done about them, they could not keep lying about and so this is what I came up with…


While out shopping one day for everything but more stuff for my craft stash =), I came across these baskets made out of straw. Their gaps were pretty big and I thought…they are perfect for weaving! and so that is where all my fabric scraps ended up!

Of course when I got started I had to make more than one! The handles have also been made out of longer pieces of fabric that were braided together and then attached to the straw bag.

You could try this project with plastic baskets as well and could color coordinate your basket with the fabric scraps you have at hand. This could be a great project for little hands as well. I hope you enjoy trying this project out!  
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