To Buy Or Not To Buy?

It took me over a month of conducting extensive research on the web before I committed to buying a die cutting machine. My first question to myself was whether I really needed it or not? That one was easily answered as I am an avid crafter and a die cutting machine really makes life MUCH easier. The next, more challenging question, was which one to buy? The market has lots of different models with different mechanisms, weights and abilities.

Then like I said earlier, after much digging I came to the conclusion that I would get the Sizzix Big Kick and this is one decision I have not lived to regret. I absolutely love the machine! It is a little heavy but that only makes it very durable. It’s multipurpose platform makes the die cutting machine work with pretty much any sort of die. The Cuttlebug dies work really well in the Big Kick. I have used it to cut funky foam, felt and obviously lots and lots of paper. I have also used the embossing kit that comes with the Big Kick (and this is something I found when I actually went to the store, no one had mentioned this in their reviews) and have found the results to be amazing. Specially if you put in some aluminum foil and emboss that, you can make very funky medallion embellishments for cards and scrapbooks.

The machine is well worth the price you pay for it and while the dies are normally expensive if you look around you always find really good deals on these, either on e-bay or in the clearance aisles!

The Sizzix Big Kick comes from a reliable company and that is another reason to trust it’s quality.

Hope this post helps all of you trying to make up your minds about die-cutting machines!

Coming up next…ways to use your Sizzix Big Kick and how to make the most of this amazing tool.

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